Watch out on Facebook Posts

Sure  enough  there are cautions and cautionary tales for unknowing young charges who post their tales and conquests or their adventures on Facebook or Twitter, they had on their latest trips to Playa del Carmen or Cancun.  Employers it seems first check an applicants facebook account even before references.  So much for the three pile method , criminal checks and the like.  Or if you make that fun trip to the Yucutan post in the Spanish  language with no photos.Just don’t be a shmoe in the Cancun hotel district.. Never mind what was on your laptop hard drive, as it went through customs.  In 2014 these are all considered both vital and relevant documents and documentation notwithstanding.

There  are written rules and those not recorded nor written down in the office manual.
Hopefully your new potential boss will not be smart enough to know of and use Google translate ,Babylon or WorldLingo..  Remember always its both your work and career on the line.

Yet he might ( or she) be a budding dulingo user on their iPhone , tablet or Android device.

You can read the report of how a Laredo  Texas law enforcement officer lost his job over a simple posting on Facebook.

Article at this link following:

Keystone XL Pipeline – Alberta Resource Energy Sector Canadian Jobs

Well if you are in far off Ontario or cold cold Manitoba and expecting to get a roust-about oil-field roughneck  high paying “roughneck job”  in Northern Alberta don’t hold your breath.

Perhaps its time to learn Chinese .

It seems that President Obama has told our dear Prime Minister Harper not to sit by the phone and expect an answer promptly.

Sir – what do you think powers your luxury Air Force Onegasoline or solar power.  Is Air Force one soon to be a hybrid car ?

More on this topic of great concern to all Canadians and indeed American citizens , car drivers and owners at the link below.:

At present the transmission and transport of Alberta crude oil  from the Athabasca Tar Sands is by more dangerous rail line railway transport..

Pipelines might well be a safer route.  Yet there are good jobs at the railways..  Safety first.

One wonders what Alberta Employment statutes are ?

It seems that the world has become both a smaller place globally  yet a less personal place.  It seems even those in the hospitality “service trades“, don’t even know or understand nor comprehend he terminology of the phrase “personal service”.

Now with the internet and hi-tech “you don’t have to talk to anyone”.   Is this real or an excuse to avoid full and in depth communication ?

After all how hard is to to get into your car and drive over to the Waverley auto mall  to “interface”  or simply explain points of views.

Read below how two people were fired by new owners / bosses on Facebook.  At least they deserved the decency of a phone call or text.

Its amazing in the news and in human resources bulletins the things you can read..   it rivals late night radio and Coast to Coast with Art Bell Mr. UFO.

Then again with jerks like these – why  would you or anyone  want to work / or even talk with them to begin with.  Well if nothing else get cracking , hit the pavement and be out there “networking”.

Even though this occurred in a far away different jurisdiction you wonder what the provincial employment termination standards and / or Canadian federal law employment regulations would be on this one.  Its a good thing that northern Ab is booming and that there are no shortage of jobs – both good and in this case – bad.

You can read more in detail on the link below:

Obigations of Employers when it comes to Release of an Employee

It used to be that people  came to a job to earn a paycheck.. That is put in an honest days work for an honest days dollar.  Some were paid more and others less. Yet not only has the dollar and the price of our labours become devalued with all kinds of government taxes and their hand in your pocket /s, but also the time and energy of management seems to be in protecting itself from further claims if the employee is “let go”  and things did not “work out”.  Yet what of dollars and cents and relative values.

Its not unlike a farm animal or chicken being killed in a roadside accident in Mexico and payment and costs are based on future payments from said unit. .  Honk that horn loudly and repeatedly .Best it seems if you go on vacation is to have a gassed up vehicle , in new condition and good repair and just ‘keep on trucking“  down the highway.  Perhaps its a wise idea before you go , to make that service appointment at your dealership service center – online.

Yet seems that employers should follow the “three R’s’.

Top three tips for written reasons for termination

Conduct giving rise to just cause termination for a conflict of interest include:

In 2014 these three items include”writing references, reasons and releases from a management perspective.”.  And provide full and comprehensive documentation in total none the less if you were a trucker on that long haul down south the states and onwards to Mexico.  Yet always note – good , well paying jobs are not always that easy to come by in 2014.  And keep on ‘managing“.

You can read a lot in more in detail and fullness on this topic at the following set of links:

and lastly:

Employee Laptops In Ontario & Privacy Concerns

There is more than meets the eye when dealing with Human Resource concerns and employee privacy rules and legislation in Alberta in 2014. Its all about personal and confidential privacy being maintained as well as Federal and Alberta provincial standards and laws being enforced.  Government privacy laws it seems are the law and must be enforced.   Its not  as if this is the US with presidential decrees as fit the whim of the moment.

Not only should employees or those being interviewed be concerned about last weekends parties or vacations in Mexico with tons of Tequila and “working girls”  being listed on their Facebook accounts online – but also emails left on returned computer hardware.  Add in private and confidential health records and you are off to the Ford stock car races..

It all comes down to seeking and maintaining personal privacy. 

What about efficiency and effectiveness on the job ?

Be happy as well as productive.  Yet  data or information  is “power”  over others

Take for example the Human Resources ruling listed as “ Alberta employer slapped for reviewing former employee’s web-based email“.

A worker may assume that the laptop / tablet will be wiped out  or that since  its a gmail or hotmail account , not a corporate email , its private and off-limits.  Remember all in all its your information and data - no one else s.

Not so.  So beware. And on top of that with commercial data recovery tools as well as open source data recovery software deleted documents / data / emails etc etc can be easily recovered and restored to the peril of former employees and their privacy concerns.

Especially if the worker stays in the same industry – compromising information or information detrimental to their new employers may be released and come into play.

More in detail on this exact topic and story can be read at the following link online – complete with legal references.



Alberta is an Oil Based Economy Neil – who buys your records

The funniest thing about expatriate Canadians or even Winnipegers is how they lose contact with touch with reality when they move west to British Columbia or alternatively move down to the nicer climate of California all in search of  good or better employment opportunities.  Mexicans it seems or even those in other Latin / South American countries such as Argentina /Brazil or Peru come up / or down south to Cancun with its lucrative well marketed tourist based economy for jobs and advancement.  So much for NAFTA.  Yet Alberta has oil and things one may get even better with the Keystone XL pipeline in place.

Take one Neil Young as an example – Neil and his tactics against the Alberta Athabasca Tar Sands.  Where do you thing the petroleum base for your old records that made you wealthy , and later tapes / CDs came from ?  Where do you think  young people from all across Canada come looking for good jobs and employment but to Fort McMurray  – eh Neil And yet your tactics against the tar sands of Northern Ab and Saskatchewan .  Yet its all looking for Mr. or Ms. right.

Oh well i guess in this time of Topsy turvey left wing vodoo economics of Obama it all makes some sense.  Yet little boys and girls keep hunting for those good jobs in F. McMurray .  Luckily the ball keeps on rolling .

Stay away from Alberta Neil and let us keep our prosperous jobs and employmentNo thanks to you there is still plenty of good opportunities to be had.

Perhaps you drive around in tiny little fuel efficient Fords, better yet Obama sanctioned Ford  hybrids or worse yet large fuel inefficient SUVs.

All this from a musician who made his name and fame with utilitarian hearses as best value to trot around his gear on tour with.

Wonder if these were powered with Alberta gas  and your semi-trailers Albertan diesel fuelsKeep it safe out there on the road.  Yet at the end of that highway - Alberta relies on its petroleum resources and industry for its daily bread and butter.  Or has the American politician Pelosi refrained “jobs, Jobs, Jobs… we are for jobs“.   And that was not the late Steve Jobs of Apple fame.

Keep looking and seaching online boys and girls.

More can be read on Mr. Young and his anti-Athabasca tar sands crusade by reading this article online.

Safety on the Jobsite in the Energy Sector in Alberta

No doubt about it – it is the energy sector that fuels the Alberta economy.   Yet if you don not have your health so speak you do not have anything at all.

Yet in the energy sector it is often troubling that situations arise where to the best of management and worker’s attempts “things just happen”.  yet people have good well paying jobs onsite and they want their pay and benefits to be ongoing and not interrupted for any reason what so ever.  Yet legitimate environmentalism concerns exist and are none withstanding .

For example at the Primrose Nearly two million litres of bitumen emulsion has seeped to the surface at the Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL) Primrose site this year and the company still hasn’t found a way to stop it..  And its no small leak – its a gusher  at the Primrose Canadian Natural Resources mine site .   Attention by environmentalists around the world non-withstanding.  Yets its not as if you can just truck away in a bevy of shiny new Ford F-650s the offending materials away to simply and easily dispose of them.  Its defiantly not a case of out of site out of mind .

Its not only one  bitumen  spill over and leaching and attempts to control the environmental and health degradations but Four separate spills, which were reported on May 20, June 8 and June 24 of 2013, resulted in 1.878 million liters of bitumen emulsion leaking into the environment at the CNRL Primrose site, 45 kilometers northwest of Cold Lake..

Whole areas of both deceased livestock and wildlife in addition to top soil and plants have had to be moved out of the area at both  inconvenience , costs as well as lost work , wages and reduced output..

Its no one’s fault -  its not as if you are taking your Ford truck to the local Ford dealership service center and you don’t have full joy at the whole event.  Things just happens and what can you do ????

Yet what about the future and immediate health effects and concerns .?  What about upcoming major lawsuits , problems and future costs and effects ?

You can read a lot more about the whole debacle, issues and events at the following link -

bilde 300x225 Safety on the Jobsite in the Energy Sector in Alberta

Job Vacancies outstrip Workers in Alberta in 2013

There is little doubt about the advice “Go west young man – go west”  to young people seeking has great merit and validity in 2014 based on 2013 data.

According to the current data in 2013 and as trends go into the new year of 2014 its buyers market for job seekers as positions posted are greater than the amount of free workers on hand.

Many of the available employment listings are upper level , well paying terms – not simply McJobs at entry level and service sector positions. .

Some may argue now that the eastern province of Saskatchewan has greater opportunity and in additional sectors such as potash mining for fertilizer use and uranium also in the energy sector..  Yet its the province of Alberta which currently drives the Canadian economy to the greatest extent overall . It can be said – Who cares about the Sask  Roughriders ?

Yet gasoline fuels automobiles, potash for the world;s food production – and no matter what its a case of a booming economy or economies which offers opportunities , choices , great prosperity  and opportunity & opportunities to be had in both the specific economies as well as support economies to any and all Canadians as well as immigrants looking to improve their lots and positions in life.

You can read more of the booming Alberta economy which has a distinct shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers at the following link to be read well .


Yet you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.   To be a good thing the beneficiary must follow up on any and all leads.  On top of that for a bevy or reasons – some personal and some who find  that at the end of the road at the Waverley Auto Mall – a job is high paying Alberta is not a ticket to overall better financial standings – not all who come to the gates of the area stay put & return back home..

Perhaps its back to the farm to seek a government job with all its pay and benefits

Yet its wise to seek all options and cover all bases ..


Its Amazing What you can find in Local Alberta HR Bulletins

Local newsletters and in this case H.R. bulletins often reveal a wrath of local and regional color and specialized knowledge and circumstances. That is what makes the job so enjoyable and why each regional , company and even shop Human Resources dept is its own world , its own niche.

Take this Fall 2013 update : Canada: Alberta Employment Law Update: Fall 2013 as an example in point.

1) Topic one explored and elaborated in detail :

Placing Restrictions on Departing Key Employees

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc v Harke-Hunt, 2013 ABQB 313, (“Jardine”)
2) Another serious matter – Constructive Dismissal and Fixed Term Contracts: When “Not Renewing a Contract” is Really a Termination . One wonders just how much these term contracts and positions pay in Alberta .

Yes one wonders indeed !

Thompson v Cardel Homes Limited Partnership, 2013 ABQB 353, (“Thompson”)  

(subtitled tales from the top floor admin depts)

and lastly 3) The dangers of calf-roping simulators at a Stampede Party

it seems a warning has to be put out by all of all departments – or maybe its a process of elimination by design -the human resources department that calf-roping sims at Alberta Stampede parties can be a potential hazard . Its true all work and no play makes jack a dull boy – so its a good thing to have company fun times and socialization to retain staff. Yet often at these socialization events more networking is done both within the firm and create useful outside contacts all in all.

One thing to maintain is you consistently have endless joy.

What about adults taking responsibility for their own actions ?  Never mind the top wages paid in places like the Syncrude project areas up in Northern Alberta in the Athabasca Tar Sands regions.

What about the thoroughness of the whole employment screening process from h.r.

Should not these people have been screened out from the beginning ?
Or perhaps its management on the wrong side of the rope.

How did they get a drivers license or get truck financing in the first place with such an attitude ?   Just one thing to consider though – if you are traveling inter provincially to come get gainful employment in Alberta make sure that your provincial health insurance coverage follows you as well and is in force..

Thompson v Cardel Homes Limited Partnership, 2013 ABQB 353, (“Thompson”)

Yes indeed no doubt .


remember – its all about time and efficiency

Moving to Alberta – Interprovincial health Insurance

Its true that Canadians seem to think that “health care is free“. Yet its not . And Americans under
Obamacare ” are just about to find that out. If you are moving to Alberta for work fill out the paperwork and know the procedures and govt depts.

Yet if you move from one province of Canada to another there are procedures to follow - lest your health care be interrupted and you either do now have coverage or have to pay differences or even full amounts out of pocket. At the very least it is recommended that when traveling between different provinces of Canada – say from Manitoba to Alberta to check for work – have supplementary health care insurance coverage. The question are you or will you be covered if say you get in your car or truck and drive from say Selkirk Manitoba to Edmonton or Calgary . This is even if you are getting a job at McDonalds in say Fort McMurray or Grande Cache.  And that is even the case for governmental civil service positions - even with all their apparent benefits and unfunded liabilites to the Canadian taxpayers.

Overall health care plans in Canada cover both hospital services and medical services. In some provinces and territories these programs are administered independently. Yet regardless of how each provincial authority administers its health care plan or plans , you will only have to register one time for full coverage. Yet always remember its your responsibility first and foremost to take care of your own health. No federal or provincial civil servant can do this for you.  Its not simple maintenance overall but a storied plan.

In all provinces and territories you can phone to have an application for health care insurance simply mailed or e-mailed to you. Yet in many cases you may want to do this in person , even though it takes more time to wait in line and take a number. Yet its done and checked out by the clerks and bureaucrats.

Remember - you are trying to improve your life and position. Don’t be short sited in your overall financial and personal responsibilities.

In Alberta – registration forms forms for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (ACHIP) are available at AHCIP offices are from the employer.union or organization that is submitting your health care premium.

Generally said – If you are under 65 of age and are not covered by a “group insurance plan”, you may register for “Alberta Blue Cross Non-Group Coverage” . Alberta Blue Cross is an optional insurance plan provided by the AHCIP that provides for additional hospital and health care benefits providing for ambulance and partial Rx drug coverages .Billing is on a three month quarterly basis.. To obtain Blue – Cross – Non – Group coverage , it is best to contact Alberta Health for an application form – or visit the websiteYet no matter what – work out , eat the right foods , take good care of yourself – if you have not got your health you don’t have anything no matter what or how much the job pays.   If there is not one job you always get another job - that is if you have your health .